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Tag: creative enterprises

CRISALIS project meets local partners in Athens

What might be possible if we embraced the uniqueness of each individual and celebrated their inherent richness? On 27th September 2019, CRISALIS gathered its partners, colleagues, and friends to explore such question. Facilitator Greta Rossi guided the group through an interactive exploration of the challenges and opportunities of intercultural communication. 

I started with making bags…

Written by HB from Makers Unite– 30 april 2019 I started with making bags Girls here will need bags I said Big bags Small bags When I say makingI mean makingnot designing I don´t like talking about it sketching – drawing being to serious life

Co-design: rediscovering sustainable fashion

By Giulia Houston, Progetto Quid As a fashion social enterprise with the mission of redesigning the fashion industry, in Progetto Quid we’ve always been keen on experimenting innovative and unconventional techniques of achieving our combined goal, that of creating beautiful sustainable fashion collections while fostering