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Tag: The Language Project

Co-creating a product with a story

Written by Marina van Dieren, Makers Unite At the core of Makers Unite lies the principle of human centered design—a way of working that involves the human perspective in all steps of the process. This means that all stakeholders are involved in the process, particularly

Let your hands do the talking

Written by The Language Project team We often don’t realise it, but we think with our hands as much as with our brains. The movements we make with our hands constitute a kind of back-channel way of expressing ourselves and help us work out our

I’m a Mother, a Sister, a Survivor

‘I am a mother, a sister, a survivor” A story of female empowerment moodboards By Maria Tetradi and Violetta Tsitsiliani, The Language Project Pinning fancy pictures on our virtual mood boards on Pinterest is an undeniable trend – and a luxury of few. Scrolling down

Art’s Power for Healing and Moving On

By Photini Papahatzi, Cultural Manager, educator & artist in Amaka ART EMERGENCY workshops in refugee camps showed us that art can be an answer to the quest of finding the way to support and help vulnerable people to come to terms with what has happened,

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Creative Writing Workshops With Refugees

By Maria Tetradi, creative expression workshops facilitator The Language Project “Look at this window. You know it very well, don’t you? This is a window from your future home, your future workplace, your future university campus.” This is how I introduced my first creative writing